• Reuseable Coffee Filter

    Zero Waste Club

    Reuseable Coffee Filter

    Did you know that billions of paper coffee filters are thrown out every single year? Since they are contaminated with coffee, they can�t even be recycled! So why not make the simple switch to a reusable coffee filter? Wide mouth and handle are perfect...

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  • Tabitha Eve Tough None Sponge

    Tabitha Eve

    Tabitha Eve Tough None Sponge

    What are these? The Tough None Sponge is a reusable alternative to a disposable dish sponge!  What are they made from? Made with bamboo, linen & cotton. Each sponge is approximately 11cm x 9cm.  Why are they fabulous? The cotton...

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  • Vegan Plant Wax Wrap

    Zero Waste Club

    Vegan Plant Wax Wrap

    Plant wax wraps are a perfect alternative to cling-film. The wraps are designed with a minimal look, using the natural colour of organic cotton. It is perfect for wrapping sandwiches, snacks and left-over food. Made from organic cotton, candelilla wax,...

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  • Dish Soap Block

    Zero Waste Club

    Dish Soap Block

    Made using natural ingredients in the UK, this zero waste dish soap is the perfect, plastic free way to get your dishes squeaky clean. Use on your dishes, pots and pans and also for cleaning your kitchen surfaces, this mighty bar is perfect for reducing...

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