• Georganics Toothpaste Large, Orange

    Georganics Toothpaste Large, Orange

    This whitening non-foaming toothpaste contains mineral-rich powders Calcium Carbonate and Kaolin Clay. Flavoured with organic Orange oil for its gentle citrus aroma and soothing properties. Great for kids Mineral-rich formula Free from...

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  • Georganic Toothsoap

    Georganic Toothsoap

    A completely and 100% natural way to brush your teeth. Made entirely from non-toxic ingredients like organic Coconut Oil, Olive Oil & Cocoa Butter and flavoured with organic Peppermint Oil with the addition of Activated Charcoal Powder to help remove...

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  • Make Up Brush Foundation


    Make Up Brush Foundation

    A luxurious, vegan foundation makeup brush with a bamboo handle made from sustainably sourced bamboo and super soft vegan synthetic fibres. The Flawless foundation brush can be used with liquid or powder foundation. PETA certified vegan & cruelty...

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  • Hair Clay Lemongrass

    Rugged Nature

    Hair Clay Lemongrass

    Rugged Nature Hair clay lemongrass ECO-FRIENDLY HAIR STYLING CLAY Lemongrass. Carefully formulated blend of shea butter, kaolin clay, apricot kernel oil, corn starch and essential oil is an eco-friendly solution for your haircare, kind to both your skin...

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