• Make Up Brush Foundation


    Make Up Brush Foundation

    A luxurious, vegan foundation makeup brush with a bamboo handle made from sustainably sourced bamboo and super soft vegan synthetic fibres. The Flawless foundation brush can be used with liquid or powder foundation. PETA certified vegan & cruelty...

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  • Bamboo Cotton Buds


    Bamboo Cotton Buds

    Stay hygienic while ditching the plastic! Our bamboo cotton buds are sustainable and can go in your home compost. Comes in recyclable paper box.

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  • Sparrow Road Road Reusable Rounds

    Sparrow Road Road Reusable Rounds

    Eco-friendly, soft bamboo terry and cotton round wipes are the perfect alternative to disposable cotton pads and an easy way to reduce waste.The rounds can be used as you would disposable cotton pads, simply pop in the wash when dirty.

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  • Sisal soap pouch

    Sisal soap pouch

    Say hello the to rather fabulous Sisal Soap Scrub or Soap Saver Bag. Or both, if you like. Just pop in your favourite bar of lovely soap (like our lovely Uno Bars) and get scrubbing!

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  • Make Up Brush Eye Blending


    Make Up Brush Eye Blending

    The carefully designed angular shape of the Flawless Eye Blending Brush allows you to easily sweep eye colours to the edge of the eye and underneath. It is a must have brush for blending darker shadows into the creases of the eyelids and is also...

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  • Foot Pumice Soap

    Foot Pumice Soap

    Foot Pumice Refreshing Minty Foot Pumice SoapFragrance PeppermintMade With Volcanic Pumice PowderSize 120gComes beautifully packaged in picture wrapping

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  • Fialuna Menstrl Cup Mini

    Fialuna Menstrl Cup Mini

    Fialuna menstrual cups are a menstruation revelation that allow you to go with the flow. Our menstrual cups are so comfortable, you may even forget you are on your period. Fialuna menstrual cups are: Available in 3 sizes: mini, mid 1 and mid 2. Made in...

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