Dish Brush Full Brush

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Doing the washing up with this Ecoliving Wooden Short Handled Dish Brush is easy. Regular dish brushes have plastic bristles that come away and end up in the ocean when washed down the plug hole but this plastic-free dish brush is an eco-friendly alternative. Ethically made in Germany using local sustainable FSC beech and vegan bristles with hardwearing Tampico cactus fibres. When the brush head is worn out, wiggle and pull out the metal clamp and replace with a new head from Babipur before popping the clamp back into the handle. Allow the brush to dry out between uses.

When at the end of their life, the brush and handle can be composted with your garden waste. The metal parts can be recycled with your cans and tins.
This short handle dish brush and handle measures 24cm in length. The wooden brush head measures 4cm in diameter.