DOUBLE WHAMMY DEAL Plastic Free Fruit & Veg Box


Our Double Whammy consists of exactly what would go into the seperate fruit and veg boxes but you make a saving! 


Our Weekly Fruit Box  consists of 

2 Pink Lady Apples

4 Red Delicious Apples

4 Nadicots

5 Bananas 

3 Pears 

2 Lemons

1 Lime


Our Weekly Veg Box  consists of 

Carrots (around 1kg) 

White Washed Potatoes (around 510g)

2 Sweet Potatoes (around 260g)

1 Red Onion (around 170g)

2 White Onions (around 340g)

2 Red peppers (around 340g)

1 Yellow pepper (around 170g)

1 Romaine lettuce (large) 

Bunch of Spring Onions

Cup Mushrooms  (around 300g)

Cherry Vine Tomatoes  (around 200g)

1 Broccoli (around 350g) 

2 Courgettes (around 400g)

Vine Tomatoes (around 450g)

1 Garlic Bulb

3 Red Chillies

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Sign up to both our fruit and veg box and get both for £20 instead of £22!

There is enough to feed a small family for the week.


We will always aim for produce which is seasonal and as local as possible. The above list is what we expect a weekly box to look like. Weights and amounts may sightly vary but we always make sure you receive a fair amount of produce... (without us having to chop produce in half!)


Our fresh produce will be delivered on Tuesdays so to ensure you receive your box in its most fresh state - collection is required in store before 4pm.

We are looking into delivery options and these options will be added soon.