• Happy Camper Hamper

    Happy Camper Hamper

    A new hamper for Christmas 2021 - The Happy Camper Hamper! It contains a Bamboo Spork for eating on the go, a bar of Friendly travel soap which can be used for hair, body or laundry alongside a sisal soap pouch for storage and cleaning.  An organic...

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  • Vegan Truffle Christmas Box

    Vegan Truffle Christmas Box

    Guess what's back! Our Future Taste of Chocolate Vegan Gift Boxes... at only £6.50 this year, they are the perfect Christmas gift for that special (awkward:) vegan in your life! We will probably be going for orange and almond, raspberry and...

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  • DIY Vegan Christmas Loaf

    DIY Vegan Christmas Loaf

    Do you fancy having a go of making your own Vegan Christmas Cake... but don't know where to start? Let us help, with our DIY Vegan Christmas Loaf. We have measured everything out ready fo you. All you need to add is coconut oil, vanilla extract, water,...

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  • Test Tube Tea + Tea Strainer (w/box)

    Test Tube Tea + Tea Strainer (w/box)

    Test Tube Tea + Tea Strainer with Box and Decoration Teak Teas - Double Mint, Ginger and LemonGrass and Bakewell Blend packed in test tubes with a small tea strainer so youre good to go! You can request a certain name to be stuck on the front of the box...

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  • Christmas Nut Hamper

    Christmas Nut Hamper

    Look at our amazing Christmas Nut Hampers! They make the ultimate gift at Christmas for those who have a nutty tradition! 6 gold lidded jar filled with - walnuts, almons, brazil nuts, salted peanuts, salt and pepper cashews and pistachios.  Can...

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  • Mulled Wine Christmas Box

    Mulled Wine Christmas Box

    Mulled Wine Gift Box - only £5. Makes a perfect Christmas gift. Contains 25g Cinnammon Sticks 3 Slices of Dried Orange 20g Cloves 10g Star Anise Just add to a bottle of red wine for the utlimate muled wine experience!  

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  • Hand knitted Greta and Book

    Hand knitted Greta and Book

    Hand-knitted Greta using vegan wool (knitted by my mamma) and the Board book ‘Greta Little People Big Dreams’ (if you would like hard back book for an older children we can swap) Only 6 available due to the amount of time and skill which it...

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  • Self Love Hamper

    Self Love Hamper

    Self Love Hamper for that person in your life who needs abit of TLC.  The hamper contains an interactive set of six dice which make it easy to practice mindfulness in daily life. For anyone looking for more peace and balance, these dice offer a...

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  • Tea Lover's Hamper

    Tea Lover's Hamper

    Back for Christmas 2021 is our much loved Tea Lover's Hamper. I agree with the classic saying... If it ain't broke, don't fix it! It contains a Zero Waste Club Tea Strainer, 3 cork lidded jars of Teak Tea - Chai Tea, Rose Orchid and Lemongrass and Ginger...

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