• Sass & Belle Clouds Mug


    Sass & Belle Clouds Mug

    Little ones sip the sweetest sips from our Sweet Dreams Bamboo Cloud Kid's Mug. Featuring our adorable Sweet Dreams cloud illustration on a soft grey background, this beautifully neutral mug is perfect for both boys and girls and makes a delightful gift!...

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  • Dish Brush Full Brush

    Dish Brush Full Brush

    Doing the washing up with this Ecoliving Wooden Short Handled Dish Brush is easy. Regular dish brushes have plastic bristles that come away and end up in the ocean when washed down the plug hole but this plastic-free dish brush is an eco-friendly...

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  • Sisal soap pouch

    Sisal soap pouch

    Say hello the to rather fabulous Sisal Soap Scrub or Soap Saver Bag. Or both, if you like. Just pop in your favourite bar of lovely soap (like our lovely Uno Bars) and get scrubbing!

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  • Reusable Teabag

    Zero Waste Club

    Reusable Teabag

    One organic reusable Tea Bag. Made of GOTS certified organic cotton. The string is long enough for using this bag with mugs or with a teapot. The string is natural unbleached cotton, with no dye. Please order in multiples or 50 units.

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