• ZWC Tea Strainer

    Zero Waste Club

    ZWC Tea Strainer

    Did you know that nearly all tea bags have plastic lining on them? So does not degrade in compost or in soil! So why not get some loose leaf tea and enjoy with our plastic-free tea strainer. Zero Waste plastic free tea strainer is perfect for having...

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  • ZWC Razor Blade Disposal Tin

    ZWC Razor Blade Disposal Tin

    Lots of you have approached us asking for the easiest and safest way to recycle your double edge stainless steel razor blades.  Although they are 100% recyclable, blades can be dangerous if not properly stored for recycling.  Zero Waste Club...

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  • ZWC Coconut Dish Scrubber

    ZWC Coconut Dish Scrubber

    Pack of 5 eco-friendly biodegradable reusable kitchen scourers Perfect for scrubbing away hard grease, stains and any food residues Reach all tricky corners of your plates and pots that rigid loofah scourers can’t get into 100%...

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  • ZWC Nail Brush

    ZWC Nail Brush

    Perfect for removing dirt from underneath fingernails and on the hands Handle made from FSC beechwood 100% natural sisal plant bristles 100% biodegradable 100% vegan

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  • Dish Brush Full Brush

    Dish Brush Full Brush

    Doing the washing up with this Ecoliving Wooden Short Handled Dish Brush is easy. Regular dish brushes have plastic bristles that come away and end up in the ocean when washed down the plug hole but this plastic-free dish brush is an eco-friendly...

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  • Sparrow Road Road Reusable Rounds

    Sparrow Road Road Reusable Rounds

    Eco-friendly, soft bamboo terry and cotton round wipes are the perfect alternative to disposable cotton pads and an easy way to reduce waste.The rounds can be used as you would disposable cotton pads, simply pop in the wash when dirty.

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