Lorna Robey Postcards, Fast Fashion

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Lorna Robey Postcards, Fast Fashion Fast Fashion is a feminist issue - postcard set Illustrations were created by Lorna in response to the growing market for commercialised and commodified ‘Marketplace Feminism’, aiming to highlight to consumers why the morals of such companies makes this hypocritical. Fast fashion retailers rely on creating, fostering and targeting female insecurity to make a profit, relying on cheap, outsourced labour to keep prices low - sacrificing (majority female) workers’ safety and wages for a higher profit. According to the clean clothes campaign, over 80% of the world’s garment workers are female and through fast fashion’s pace, profit and production demands are exploited, underpaid, endangered and abused in a system that prioritises profit over human lives. The illustrations were used by a march for garment worker’s rights as part of the 2019 Women’s March on NYC.