Lunch Swag Bag

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Great for sandwiches, fruit or snacks, this sandwich bag keeps food fresher for longer (it reduces sweating in nasty plastic and drying out). Plus it has a nifty pouch for knives & forks or even a mini ice pack as the Lunch Swag is a perfect insulator for hot or cold foods.

  • Made form 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton

  • No plastic or synthetic liner

  • No toxins leaching into food, completely chemical free

  • Washable and reusable

  • Produced ethically and Fair Trade (SEDEX)

  • 100% sustainable and compostable (apart from care label)

Size: 17cm wide x 22cm high

How to use your Lunch Swag:

Pack sandwiches, fruit or snacks into your Lunch Swag. The Lunch Swag will also help insulate hot or cold food and has a nifty back pocket for a mini ice pack. When finished, turn inside out, empty crumbs and cold machine wash. Dry naturally if possible. Then repeat!