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  • Lanka Kade bag

    Lanka Kade bag

    These cotton storage bags are perfect for keeping blocks, puzzles and loose parts  together. When play time is over they make tidying up with little ones much easier too.  Children will also enjoy using them to group, classify and collect toys...

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  • Lemon Orange + Blackberry Diffuser

    Lemon Orange + Blackberry Diffuser

    Delve into summer with this zesty scent. Top notes of citrus with a heart of rhubarb and plum and base notes of pear. An amazing compliment to a fresh spring morning. Our diffusers continually dispense fragrance though the natural reeds. Each diffuser...

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  • Green Ceramic Mug

    Green Ceramic Mug

    Green Ceramic Mug Lay back, relax and embrace the warmth of your favourite cuppa in this Mojave glaze mug, finished in an earthy natural green. The rustic texture and dip ombre effect are created from the reactive glaze which forms subtle variations in...

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  • Camper Mug

    Camper Mug

    Camper Mug Out of the office* This mug makes the perfect gift for your favourite world explorer. Featuring a camper-style shape, this kitchen accessory is adorned with a whimsical mountain illustration in a simple monochrome colourway.

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  • Why Vegan ?

    Why Vegan ?

    One of the great moral philosophers of the modern age, Peter Singer asks unflinching questions about how we should live our lives. The ideas collected in these writings, arguing that human tyranny over animals is a wrong comparable to racism and sexism,...

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  • ZWC Face Cloth - Organic Cotton

    ZWC Face Cloth - Organic Cotton

    CLEARER & SMOOTHER - The daily gentle exfoliation means you don’t get clogged pores, or flaky skin so easily. 100% biodegradable & plastic-free Cotton Face Cloth Made from organic cotton which is non-GM and grown without synthetic...

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