Prefill Your Refill - Our Zero Waste Offer now extends to your time!

Introducing our solution to click and collect for refills. 

It's not totally perfect and we are happy to recieve any feedback you may have for us but you have asked and we have worked hard to bring this to you.



Follow the link to our app (click any of the buttons on this page)


Select if you will be dropping off your own containers or using ours*

(You can also buy contrainers from us - the last 3 options in the menu)


Select your products - all products are in 100g amounts excluding herbs and spices which are in 10g

Fruit and Veg are per portion and will state the amounts in the menu


Place your order, leaving us a note about which products you would like in which containers


Select your time for pickup, settle the bill and we will do the rest.


*When you select our containers we assume that you want us to use paper bags and adoption agency (preloved and sanitised)  jars and bottles  - so we have added a service charge of £1.50 for the cleaning and supplying of the containers etc.